Become a Pulsechain Validator

Join our PLS Pool to become a Validator on Pulsechain

How It Works

Add to the Pool

We're running an ongoing fundraise where you can send your PLS to the pool wallet. As the pool receives 32M PLS, we'll start a new validator and mint MAFIA token.

Get MAFIA Token

As PLS enters the pool, we'll mint MAFIA token. The MAFIA token represents your % ownership in the pool. You can use the MAFIA to redeem your PLS principal and rewards at redemption date (August 15, 2024).

Compound Validators

Every time the validators earn 32M PLS in rewards (which is minimum stake requirements), the "Godfather" will immediately reinvest back in to more validators (compounding). On August 15, 2024, the Godfather will exit all of the validators and airdrop your PLS back based on the $MAFIA you hold.

MAFIA Premium-Discount Cycle

MAFIA can have two values. The Treasury Value and the Market Value.

Treasury Value (or Redemption Value) is based on the estimated amount of PLS redeemable per MAFIA when the validator exit date occurs (August 15, 2024). The redemption ONLY goes up.

The Market Value is the price of MAFIA on Pulsex at any point in time (if liquidity has been provided by the community). The Market Value, set on exchanges by the open market, may vary widely from the treasury value, cycling between trading at a discount and premium to the underlying value of the Validators. The chart to the left shows what the relationship between those values could look like over time.

Current Active Validators

# of Validators ONLY goes up


Pulsechain Validators (Live Status)

Validator Exit Date (Redemption): August 15, 2024

Redemption Price

1 MAFIA = 1.0659 PLS


*Redemption Price ONLY goes up as Validators receive PLS rewards*

**Redemption excludes PulseMafia fee (see litepaper). Actual value slightly less.

To calculate the current redemption value:

(# of Validators X 32M + Validator Wallet Balance) / Total MAFIA Supply

Validator Wallet (Rewards) Balance:

Contribute To the Pool Wallet


*Minting of MAFIA occurs whens the pool wallet gets sent out of the Pool Address.

Pool Wallet Balance

Join our Referral program!

Earn 50% of the profits by referring your friends (or self-refer). Limited spaces available.

Step 1: Create your own Pool Wallet. You'll use this to receive PLS from your community.

Step 2: Whenever your pool sends 32M PLS (or more) to the PulseMafia Pool Wallet, you'll start earning.

Step 3: We'll give you 50% of the profits we've earned from your pool. No limit.

To join our referral program, or to learn more:

contact @DefiMike (Telegram) or email mike@escapeweb3.io


Accepting PLS on Pulsechain mainnet ONLY (no other token or chain accepted and will be considered a "donation" to The Godfather). The Pool wallet must raise a minimum of 32M PLS, otherwise all funds get returned. 100% of the pooled funds will go towards validators. You will NOT be able to receive your PLS no earlier than August 15, 2024, however you'll have MAFIA token that you can sell on a decentralized exchange (if there's liquidity). PulseMafia has no direct influence on the MAFIA market price on a decentralized exchange. The MAFIA token you receive at mint will be determined by the intrinsic value of the token calculated by Total PLS divided by Total MAFIA Supply. We are NOT responsible for lost/stolen MAFIA token. Sending PLS to the Pool Contract mints MAFIA and does not offer anything else. There is a "Node Operator Fee" of 20% of rewards earned that will be collected at the redemption date (August 15, 2024). Read the Litepaper.

Not expectations of profit from the work of others.

It's time to join the PulseMafia family.